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Centre events Diralzor


Chamber of Commerce building to end the Vocational Training Centre in the Assembly of Events
After more than a year the idea of establishing a vocational training center and craftsmen in the center of note events in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Deir ez-Zor Here is the project see the light after it has room to complete the second floor of the center and make it a training center special events can be beneficial to the Assembly of events the whole .
The head of the Association Mohammad Alouni events had been completed the first phase of the project and will include the opening of the three occupations are industrial, electronic and electrical.
The Alalloni Training Centre will be added a group of new occupations of welding, carpentry, aluminum and that the center received the tools and tools required for the training center before the market shopping diplomatic and thus became the first center in Syria enjoy these features, which would channel the energies of young people about things being able to benefit from them after exit from the center of the same from the deviation and provide him a living, and CMC in collaboration with the Congregation for the vocational training centers for the supply of Deir Ez-Zor Events Center specialists and professional engineers clinical instructors character and all the terms of reference for the education of the event and teach trades and professions.
The Note Center events currently 50 events ranging in age from 10 to 18 years old when they are present because of various crimes and the establishment of the event vary according to crime and end, the Centre has a gymnasium provided by UNICEF


























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