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"ديرنا حقي علينا"... مشروع بيئي صحي دورة بديلة لطلاب جامعتي حلب والفرات

Quality Policy



The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Diralzor and staff aim to improve the quality of services provided and work on Iadp customer satisfaction for the piece to understand and through the application of ISO 9001 are committed to the application of working procedures and compliance with legal requirements governing the work of Syrian Chamber of Commerce and seeking to improve communication

Also committed to working to achieve quality objectives in terms of increased customer satisfaction and improve service quality and the duration

The Board of Directors Chamber of Commerce and Industry Diralzor emphasizes the role of all staff to achieve this policy in respect of all his work and is reviewing this policy periodically to ensure their relevance and effectiveness

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Diralzor

Mazen Ganama

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