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Objectives and powers of the Chamber


Objectives of the room:

- Service members and meet their needs.

- Providing the latest information on the market and the economy and encourage international trade.

- Influencing laws and policies for economic and commercial business activities.

- Development and human resource development.

- Settlement and resolving trade disputes.

- Support for small and medium-sized enterprises and promotion of projects and creative works.

- Improving the quality and effectiveness of business practices.

- Attracting local and foreign investments.

- Establish a communication system effectively.

- Modernization of the administration and infrastructure of the room.


The powers of the room:

- Ratification of the certificates of origin or the source and awarded

- Ratification of the bills of the goods after checking

- Ratification of the guarantees and the ability of the financial guarantors

- Ratification of Signatures on the health of traders and businesses, and private industry

- Ratification of the convoked and national identity of traders and businesses and industrial

- Ratification of the securities registered with the images of Chambers of Commerce

- Ratification of the dates of the papers highlighted the Chambers of Commerce

- Ratification of the other certificates that authorize the Minister of Economy and giving them identify these certificates from the decision of the

- Registration of instruments submitted to arbitration rooms by the arbitrators involved in such a party to the arbitration

- Designation of experts and representatives at the request of public authorities or the courts or municipalities or persons with the relationship of the owners of Trade and Industry to study the issues of commercialization, including an examination of the disputed goods and ratification of the expert testimony in this regard.

- Determination of commercial practice.

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