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"ديرنا حقي علينا"... مشروع بيئي صحي دورة بديلة لطلاب جامعتي حلب والفرات

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry Deir ez-Zor, founded in 1922 and to punish its presidency:


Hassan Mohammad Al-Jassem
Hassani famous
Hassan Mohammed Jassim
Mohammed Saleh Huneidi
Abdul Razzaq al-Huneidi
For Alaadai
Mohammed Zakir Awak
Bashir Al-Haj Hussein Tohme
Mazen Daoud Knamp


Chamber considers that it is the duty to expand Diralzor place in the national economy, regional and global, which they
Devote themselves to upgrade the Diralzor and business community.
To achieve its vision, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Deir ez-Zor is committed to raising the competitive level for the business community in Deir ez-Zor, seeking to be a real voice through representation of their interests and meet the requirements. As his self is committed to ensuring a wide range of high-quality services that will create new opportunities and improve the competitive position and allow better response with the ever-changing business environment.

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